A few new books --

I am excited about this new Chicken Soup book...

sometimes we need to step back and see what other teens are going through!

This book sounds interesting...
check out the back cover:
"Tim Temples is a golden boy, the pride of his small Illinois town. The summer after graduation, he spends his days lifting boxes at the local plant, and his nights with his buddies chasing girls, girls, girls. He doesn't stop to think about any of it. Thinking would just ruin the fun.
Only one thing weighs on Tim's mind: college. He has a suspicion that he doesn't belong there. A suspicion he can't confide to anyone -- until he meets Helena. Helena is sexy, she's confusing, and she makes Tim see the world in a way he never has before.
Soon, summer draws to a close, and Tim will have to choose: settle for being a small town hero, or leave Mattoon and risk losing everything in the world beyond the county line."

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