Me (Shayna)
& Rudy (he's behind the camera)

Few people showed up compared to how many signed up, but we still definitely got the job done!

This is the stretch of beach we cleaned, all along Seacoast Dr. If you can see the little blob on top of the water in the middle of the picture -- that's a restaurant at the end of the pier! We walked from Imperial Beach Pier Plaza and almost got to the end of Seacoast Dr., but the tide started coming in and we had to book it up to the sidewalk. [left]
Here is a picture of Marjorie and Jay cleaning up the beach. We paired off into beach buddies and each person had either a trash bag or a recycle bag. [right]

I love the ocean, it was so beautiful. I wish you all could have been there. If you would like to sign up, our next beach clean-up is Saturday, August 26th, 2006 from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm (This time it didn't take four hours to clean the beach, but we might clean a bigger area next time). We are taking sign-ups now, so come and join in on the fun!
Everyone gets community service hours for this. If you need a printed certificate showing your hours, just let Patty or me know.

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