The Boy Who Couldn't Die by William Sleator
from the book jacket...
"When his best friend is killed in a plane crash, Ken makes a decision: He will never die. As the only child of rich, indulgent parents, Ken is used to getting his way, and this time is no different. He finds a woman who claims she can make him invulnerable to pain and death for the unbelievably cheap price of fifty dollars. And her strange ritual works. Ken can't be burned, beaten up, or even bitten by the sharks he dives amongst on his spring break in the Caribbean.
Ken can't die, but he can kill. As long as he's awake, he feels in complete control of his life. But at night the dreams take over -- dreams of digging up graves, of knifing strangers... then of trying to murder someone he loves. And no one can stop him, not even himself."

Forbidden by Judy Waite
from the book jacket...

"Elinor is lucky, so lucky. At least that's what the other members of True Cause think. They
are all blessed to be part of True Cause, safe from Outsiders, living only to work and pray for Endtime. They have been chosen for a better life.
But for a long time now, fifteen-year-old Elinor hasn't felt so lucky. Sometimes she doesn't want to kneel for hours in the cold, listening to True Cause's founder, Howard, pray. Sometimes she just want to throw all the copies of The Book that she is meant to be selling into the gutter. Sometimes she doesn't want to be one of Howard's brides when she turns sixteen. Ans especially sometimes, she want to know more about the green-eyed Outsider boy who seems to be following her.
Because there's something oddly familiar about him. Something that is making Elinor remember that there used to be more to her life than just True Cause..."

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