The Road of the Dead by Kevin Brooks
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From the book jacket...
"When the Dead Man comes out of the dark and takes down Rachel, Ruben feels it. Miles away, sitting in the back of a wrecked Mercedes, wondering about the rain, he feels her fear, real as a knife ripping open his heart. And he knows in that cracked moment his sister is gone.

Ruben, 14, can sense certain things, even though he can't always understand them. His older brother, Cole, is different: dark-eyed, pure, and direct, with the face of a devil's angel. A face that does what it says.

Cole doesn't need to tell Ruben what he's decided. Three days after Rachel's death, the two boys set out from their half-gypsy home on a London breaker's yard for the desolate moors of Devon, where they’re determined to reclaim their sister's ravaged body and uncover the cold truth behind her killing. It's a long road, this journey, hard and violent. It's a trail thick with blood."

Between Mom and Jo
by Julie Anne Peters
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From the book jacket...
"Nick has a three-legged dog named Lucky, some pet fish, and two moms who think he's the greatest kid ever. And he happens to think he has the greatest Moms ever, but everything changes when his birth mom and her wife, Jo, start to have marital problems. Suddenly, Nick is in the middle, and instead of having two Moms to turn to for advice, he has no one.

Nick's emotional struggle to redefine his relationships with his parents will remind readers that a family's love can survive even the most difficult times."

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