Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about a book I just found on the shelf. It is from 2003, but sounds really good! I checked it out and will start reading it tonight, but I thought you might be interested in hearing what it is about.

Aimee by Mary Beth Miller
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From the book jacket...
"It's hard to act normal when you're accused of murder and no one believes that you didn't do it. Not my parents. Oh God, no. That would be a social gaffe -- to support your daughter when she's on trial for murder. Not my friends. They didn't even come to the trial, except when they had to testify. They didn't stand up for me or meet my eyes once during the whole thing.
The closest anyone came to really looking at me was when Chard had to point at me, but he didn't meet my eyes. Not even when he left the stand.
So I stood alone. I stood without Aimee, because she couldn't stand with me.
What did I get out of supposedly helping her? Loneliness. I am cut off from my best friend forever. She also took away all of my other friends and even my family. She even tried, during that last night, to take Chard from me.
Friends don't commit suicide. They don't die."

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