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The Dream Where the Losers Go by Beth Goobie
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From the back of the book...
"She began dreaming about him in the dark dream, the one with the endless tunnels, stone walls that slid by cold under his fingertips, invisible because it was too dark to see.
No one knows why she hurt herself, least of all Skey. After five long months in treatment for self-destructive behavior, Skey continues to dream of dark tunnels with mysterious designs carved into their stone walls, a place where she is safe and alone. Then she encounters another dreamer, a boy her own age, dreaming the same dream, wandering the same tunnels. A boy with secrets much like her own."

Sparrow by Sherri L. Smith
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From the book jacket...
"Family sticks with family. That's the golden rule G'ma taught Kendall. But once G'ma is gone,
seventeen-year-old Kendall has no family left -- except for an aunt G'ma asked for at the end, whom Kendall barely remembers. Only Aunt Janet knows what G'ma had in mind, but she never even shows up at the funeral. With child services on her case and just ten days to get her apartment lease renewed, Kendall sets out for Janet's home in New Orleans to get her life in order -- and her questions answered.
But what she finds are new friends, like Evie, who is confined to a wheelchair but can sing like the women on G'ma's old blues records; Miss Clare, who needs Kendall's help as much as Kendall needs hers; and Marcus, who is younger than any of them but still knows how to get by. And when Mardi Gras arrives, with its parades and prizes and music, anything seems possible -- even making a fresh start, with or without Janet."

Lulu Dark and the summer of the Fox : a mystery by Bennett Madison
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From the book jacket...
"The last thing Lulu Dark wants is a mystery getting in the way of her important Summer Plans. But when her mother, B-list celebrity Isabelle Dark, drops into Halo City to shoot a movie, a mystery is exactly what she gets.
Isabelle disappears, and despite her mother's reputation for flakiness, Lulu has a hunch she's in real trouble. Especially when she finds a note among Isabelle's things from a mysterious figure known only as the Fox.
Soon, Lulu is on the case, and must cross paths with a teen screen queen, a dodgy director, and a fleet of muscle-bound maids to find her mom and uncover the Fox's true identity."

The Yanti by Christopher Pike
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From the book jacket...
"In Alosha and The Shaktra, thirteen-year-old Ali Warner discovered that she was not an ordinary teenager but actually Queen of the Fairies. Through seven painful trials, Ali reclaimed
many of her magical powers and defeated an elemental army that was preparing to attack Earth. In the elemental world, Ali learned the true nature of her greatest enemy -- the Shaktra -- and discovered why it covets the Yanti, a mystical talisman of immense power that Ali now possesses.
Now in The Yanti, Ali discovers that a mysterious Entity is masterminding the Shaktra's attack on Earth, an attack that will kill billions and leave both Earth and the elemental world shattered. Still reeling from the death of one of her closest friends, Ali finds herself accused of murder on Earth and besieged by enemies in the elemental world.
The Shaktra has had years to develop her magical abilities and her evil plots, guided by the otherworldly Entity. Ali has only known about her fairy powers for a month. There are holes in her fairy memories, and her powers are still incomplete, while the Shaktra commands vast armies of hideous monsters and rules over hosts of dragons.
Ali's allies are few: one dragon, one leprechaun, a single troll. A handful of fairies and an African boy, Ra, who has sworn to serve Ali even beyond death. Plus the mysterious disembodies Nemi -- whose love sustains Ali through her darkest moments of despair.
Only the Yanti can stop what is to come. Unfortunately, Ali has barely had a chance to study it. The first time she tries to use it as a weapon, it nearly kills her. Unless Ali Warner can solve the riddle of the Yanti -- and the mystery behind the Shaktra's insane bitterness -- then Earth and the elemental world will be doomed."

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