A couple new books today...

Theodora Twist by Melissa Senate
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From the book jacket...
"I'm going to have to come up with something brilliant to get you back into the public's good graces. I have no idea what, but trust me. I'll think of something.
Well that's what Theodora pays her agent $100,000 a year for, isn't it? Theodora Twist is the girl everyone want sto be. She's Hollywood's hottest young actress. Producers court her. Fans mob her. And the tabloids cover everything.
Emily's life is boring with a capital B. She's a sixteen-year-old nobody to everyone, including her own mother. The only thing remotely interesting about Emily? She lives in Theodora Twist's former house. And she's about to get Twisted.
How? On a reality show meant to clean up Theodora's party girl rep -- with Emily's family as host. For Theodora, it's just another role. But Emily is in panic mode. For her, this isn't just a part... it's her life."

Leaving Jetty Road by Rebecca Burton
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From the book jacket...
"Nat, Lise, and Sofia are best friends facing their final year of high school. When they make a joint New Years resolution to become vegetarians for the upcoming year, none of them forsees the changes that will occur in their lives.
Nat and Sofia meet boys and fall in love, while quiet and solitary Lise immerses herself in long hours of studying and becomes obsessed with losing weight, taking her new vegetarian diet to an extreme.
As the year progresses and finals exams loom, the three girls experience various ups and downs: Nat finds that all is not smooth sailing in her relationship while Sofia thrives in hers, and Lise struggles with an eating disorder that leaves her isolated and afriad."

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