Eragon by Christopher Paolini
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If you haven't heard of it yet, hear about it now.
This book has been out since 2003, but has just recently started to gain recognition.
About.com summarizes the book:
"Eragon, the first novel in the Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini, is a story about a farm boy who finds a dazzling sapphire-blue stone which, as it is revealed later, is in fact an egg that hatches a blue-scaled dragon. The dragon, Saphira, establishes an unbreakable bond with the young man who learns that he is the only dragon-rider to have come into existence in many years; and that he will have to choose whether to resist the evil king/dragon-rider Galbatorix or surrender and join him. With his home destroyed and his uncle murdered by the Ra’zac (evil dragon hunters employed by Galbatorix) Eragon sets out on a journey with his mentor, Brom, to learn the dragon riding craft and enact his revenge on the Ra’zac. In essence, Eragon has all the traditional ingredients that make a fantasy novel enjoyable."

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The book was also made into a movie, which was released December 15, 2006. The movie is said to have awesome graphics and computer animation, so don't miss it.

We also have a new book...
Cathy's book : if found call (650) 266-8233 by Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman, with interior design by Cathy Brigg

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Runningpress.com summarizes the book:
"Things weren’t so peachy in Cathy’s life before Victor broke up with her. Her father died unexpectedly, she’s failing school, and her best friend is mad at her. But now things have suddenly gone from bad to very, very, very, bad. Take Victor, for instance. Sure he looks like he’s around Cathy’s age, or at least young enough not to make her mother freak out, but what if he’s older than he appears? Like maybe 200 years older. And what does the death of Victor’s co-worker, the strange mark that appeared on Cathy’s arm, and the surreal behavior of several Chinese elders have to do with it? Through Cathy’s unique and irresistible voice-and lots of proof in the form of letters, photographs, date book entries, telephone numbers readers can call, websites they can access, as well as secrets only a careful reader will be able to decipher-readers will enter a strange and fascinating world where things often aren’t how they appear."

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