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New books...
If you have read the Gossip Gorl novels thus far, you won't want to miss the next one!
Would I Lie To You by Cecily von Ziegesar
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From the back of the book...
"Welcome to New York's Upper East Side, where my friends and I live in decadent penthouses, massive townhouses, and come summer, fabulous beach houses.
Enter the world of Gossip Girl -- a world where espadrille sandals are flown in from Spain, crisp cotton sundresses are made to order, and jealousy and betrayal are the ultimate summer accessories.
Time to throw your hair into a messy pony and cut off your Sevens -- we're heading to the Hamptons! S & B are now co-muses to a super-famous designer, who just happens to live next door to N's Hamptons estate... I wonder how neighborly these new neighbors are going to get. And what's this I hear about V venturing surfside? Who's next, D!? Never say never..."

And if you are just getting into the Gossip Girl novels, don't miss out on past books!
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Gossip Girl
You Know You Love Me
All I Want Is Everything
Because I'm Worth It
I Like It Like That
You're The One That I Want
Nobody Does It Better
Nothing Can Keep Us Together
Only In Your Dreams
Would I Lie To You

That Was Then... by Melody Carlson
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From the back of the book...
"That was then... Kim Peterson has had a lot going on the past few years: writing a teen advice column, finding a new faith, dating and breaking up for the first time, losing her mom to cancer... Kim has learned to turn it all over to God day by day, relying on Him like she never has before.
Now Kim's best friend, Nat, is pregnant and soon to be married to Ben O'Connor, Caitlin's younger brother. Nat is starry-eyed, believing that once she and Ben are married, God will bless them and everything will work out because they're doing the right thing. Kim's not so sure. Is marriage the only solution for two seventeen-year-olds with a baby on the way? Why won't they consider adoption? Kim knows about that first-hand -- and is about to find out even more..."

I am so jinxed! by Naomi Nash
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From the back of the book...
"Vick Marotti has stopped pretending to cast hexes on her classmates for a relationship with super-adorable Gio Carson. Yet there's one thing she never expected to stand between her and her guy: popularity.
Her high school might be the same, but a changed Vick finds herself now facing a whole host of fresh horrors -- party invitations, the A-list crowd at her lunch table, and imitators determined to copy her unique style!
Added to Vick's already-confusing mix are suspicions that Gio may be cheating on her, problems at home, and a new Vice Principal determined to expose all Vick's secrets... as well as another boy who might challenge Gio's hold on her heart. What's a savvy street magician to do, except cast an enchantment all her own?"

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