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Chat Room by Kristin Butcher
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From the back of the book...
"I didn't allow myself to think about what I was doing, because if I did, I knew I would chicken out. I just typed the name and hit Enter.
Zhwuuup! In a flash my information was gone, launched into cyberspace somewhere. Before I had time to blink, a new page appeared on the screen. It was bare except for two short sentences. You are logged on, Roxane. You may now enter a forum.
My heart started beating so hard it hurt. Oh my god - what had I done? I was a registered chatter! Now I could be traced. The site administrator could track me down."

Kid B by Linden Dalecki
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From the back of the book...
"Me and Trick hung back and let Vance stay out front. Trick scoped me like, "Is Vance loco?" Usually after a good scrap, after a fight we'd won, we'd all be amped. But this time was diff. None of us knew how bad Vance'd hurt Peanut. Ane none of us wanted to think on it. If Vance had just stopped pile-driving before he knocked him out, then we could of been celebrating. Instead, it was like we all had headaches trying not to think about it.
B-Boying is the only thing seventeen-year-old Kid B has ever been any good at -- but that's nothin' to floss about in his racially charged, rust-belt, East Texas town. He's been called "wigger" and "jigaboo," but race doesn't matter to Kid. Or his krew. What matters is that they represent at the upcoming Throw Down -- one of the most cutthroat hip-hop dance competitions in the nation -- and that they hold their own against rivals Magno Clique, the roughest gang of b-boyers in town.
Over a hot summer, friendly challenges between the two gangs turn bloody. And though he's just tying to keep it together with his messed-up family, his friends, and his new girlfriend, Kis is forced to figure out the next steps in his life."

So This Is How It Ends by Tui T. Sutherland (Book One of AVATARS)
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From the book jacket...
"Something was different. She stepped hesitantly out of the subway car, her boots sounding even louder now. What was it?
The graffiti. Had that been there before?
Emblazoned across the far wall in huge silver letters:
In New York, Kali wakes to an empty subway car, and an even emptier city. Venus and Gus survive an earthquake in Los Angeles and realize they have to deal with more than just the aftershocks. In Chile, Tigre finds himself in an unfamiliar jungle, and strangely not alone. And Amon, in Egypt, can see his path but is blind to the full picture.
They are suddenly trapped in a deserted world, five teenagers with no hope of escape. Why have they survived? What force -- or intelligence -- connects them? Drawn inexorably toward one another, they only know their future involves an experience outside anything they could have imagined."

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