Lulu Dark is not like other girl detectives. She doesn't speak Arabic, she doesn't have a helicopter pilot's license, and she has never used a nail file for anything other than its intended purpose. In fact, Lulu has always considered girl detectives to be a bunch of prissy know-it-alls.
So when someone nabs Lulu's favorite purse- a one of a kind, and stunningly tacky, knock-off- she isn't exactly pleased about being thrust headfirst into a mystery. After all, she's already got her hands full with her outrageous best friends: karate chopping space cadet Daisy and sweet-but-oblivious Charlie.
Soon Lulu finds herself grappling with complicated questions and a number of sketchy characters, including a rock star, a rich socialite, a loonly landlord, and a serious case of mistaken identity.

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