our love to admire
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"...from the opening hooks of the melancholy, monumental lead track, "Pioneer to the Falls"-a melody Kessler (lead guitarist Daniel Kessler) calls "visceral and emotional" that's matched by Bank's (lead singer/guitarist Paul Banks) lines, "show me the dirt pile and I will pray that the soul can take/ Three stowaways/ I felt you so much today." The subsequent songs meander from hop-up-and-down rock-outs to almost sinister laments, but one thing their sound has in common- aside from the fact that only Interpol could be responsible for them- is a heightened sense of atmosphere... The woman to whom Banks sang in Antics, "You make me want to pick up a guitar/ And celebrate the myriad ways that I love you" is now the recipient of such darts as "I can bind you with no ties and watch you fall" and "Today my heart sleeps."

"This is definitely more of an emotion album" says Kessler, "bit I can't really say why or where it comes from: it just is." ... So what is the gist of Our Love? "Oh, I- uh, it's just a mood you know?" He pauses. "You know, it's not for me to say. It's for someone to feel" -Nylon magazine June/July the international music issue.

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