Staying Healthy

Overweight America by Meryl Loonin– Young people today are inundated with information but often lack the tools for understanding the complex issues that stir public debate and

dissension. The Hot Topics series provides clear, balanced, and thoughtful examination of the hot-button issues of the day. Carefully crafted narrative, fully documented primary and secondary source quotes, informative sidebars, and study questions all provide excellent starting points for research and discussions. Full-color photographs, maps, and charts enhance all volumes in the series.

Eating Disorders by Viqi Wagner, book editor- “When does ‘normal’
dieting, or ‘normal’ overeating, stop being normal and cross the line into an eating disorder? It is important to recognize that many, many people suffer from conflicted relationships with their eating. However, there are degrees of suffering and degrees of danger to health, with clinically diagnosable eating disorders inflicting the most of each.” -Terese Katz, “Women, Food, and Eating Disorders”
This book is one volume of the highly acclaimed opposing viewpoints series.
Those who do not know their opponent’s arguments do not
completely understand their own.

Breath: yoga for teens by Mary Kaye Chryssicas
(includes DVD)-
“In high school, I was your typical teen: energetic, overbooked, boy crazy, and anxious. On top of that, I was self conscious about my weight, preoccupied with friendships, worried about grades… I was the perfect candidate for yoga… I could feel the way yoga made my body and mind stronger than they ever were. I loved that I wasn’t expected to compete. I could do yoga and feel confident and calm.
The kids in my classes use their yoga practice to chill out and get in tune with their bodies. Their patience grows, their posture improves, their confidence shines…” Mary Kaye Chryssicas

Body consciousness is one of the hardest and longest lasting issues people deal with at any age. We also know that these concerns are not only restricted to females,everyone had body issues. Try these titles out and make a difference in your life or in someone else's.

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