Icons: Shaepard Fairey & Shepard on Henry Rollins Show

Everyone has seen the Obey Giant stickers around town or on the Internet. You should also be familiar with the biopic movie poster of Walk the Line movie about Johnny Cash. Here is a thought provoking interview on the artist responsible for these iconic images and the movement behind them, Shepard Fairey on the best show of the summer, The Henry Rollins Show on the IFC.

Also, watch: Icons is 'a day' and 'the life' of today's maverick entrepreneurs, entertainers, and pop culture institutions. They make, break or rewrite the rules for everyone and everything that follows. Icons gives viewers a true inside look at what makes their heroes tick. "Keep your eyes and mind open, and question everything" is the motto that artist, activist and pop culture pioneer Shepard Fairey lives by. While he was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, 19 year old Fairey began plastering images of wrestler Andre the Giant on any surface he could find. Almost 20 years later that image has become known around the world and is the foundation of the phenomenon called Obey Giant. G4 TV takes a look at the life of a true original on Icons: Shepard Fairey.

Icons with Shepard Fairey part 1

Icons with Shepard Fairey part 2

Icons with Shepard Fairey part 3

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