More September Titles

Am I Right Or Am I Right? By Barry Jonsberg
Here's a poser.
You have secured a date with a young man who makes Orlando Bloom look like the dog's dinner. Unfortunately, a deranged hairdresser has viciously attacked your head, necessitating a drastic solution that has left you doing an uncanny impersonation of a potato. You put on your glasses and look in a mirror. Ears stick out of a shiny globe, like handles on a hard boiled egg. if you went out on a sunny day, you'd dazzle the pilots of passing aircraft, precipitating a major catastrophe. What are you going to do?
Do you cancel the date or go ahead and hope he doesn't mind being seen in public with a bespectacled skinhead?

The Secret Twin By Denise Gosliner Orenstein

Noah has a secret unlike any other...
He is the rarest of humans.
Noah was born conjoined, sharing a heart with his twin brother, but only he has survived. Thirteen years later, when his grandmother undergoes painful surgery, Noah finds himself in the care of Nurse Grace, who ha a secret of her own. And when another stranger, a mysterious sniper, begins to terrorize their city, Noah and Grace must confront the extraordinary circumstances of their present lives and the possibilities of the unknown beyond.

Split Screen : Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies by Brent Hartinger
Russel and his freinds are turning into Zombies!
Zombie actors, that is- the Geography Club regulars have signed up to be extras in a horror film that's shooting in their twon. But the real drama takes place behinde the scenes. When sexy Kevin Land tries to get back together with Russel, it's suddenly very hard to say no- even though his long-distance boyfriend is comin to visit in just a few days. To top it all off, Russel's parents have just found out he's gay, and they've completely lost their heads.
Can Russel survive the invasion of the overzealous boyfriends and the attack of mindless parents from deep within darkest suburbia?
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Geography Club
Russel Middlebrook is a sophomore at Goodkind High School. He has a secret crush on a baseball jock, Kevin Land, and soon discovers that Kevin is also gay. The boys become friendly outside of school and set up the "Geography Club" with three other gay students, one of whom is Russel's closest friend, Min. The club members relish the opportunity to discuss their lives and to relate to one another openly and honestly. Eventually, however, intense peer pressure and insecurity take their toll. Russel's relationship with Kevin ends, but the "Geography Club" becomes the "Goodkind High School Gay-Straight-Bisexual Alliance," and the protagonist gains new insight into himself and his place in the world. Hartinger has written a compelling look at the high school scene and the serious consequences of being "different." The plot never falters. Dialogue flows smoothly and is always completely believable, and the occasional use of profanity adds to the realism of the story. Characterization is excellent, with all of the teens emerging as likable but flawed individuals caught in a situation that few young adults could handle with maturity. This author has something to say here, and his message is potent and effective in its delivery. Many teens, both gay and straight, should find this novel intriguing.-Robert Gray, East Central Regional Library, Cambridge, MN

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