May Contest: Win Ninth Grade Slays & 10 Questiosn w/Heather Brewer

Win the 2nd book in the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series this month by commenting on this post! I'd better leave it to Heather to explain why this series is so cool and why it's so unique. Here is an explanation from Auntie Heather:

Typical male vampire: sexy, aloof, dangerous, extremely intelligent, well-read, snappy dresser, always knows the right thing to do or say.

Vlad: awkward, troubled, only somewhat dangerous, frequently fails math tests, fairly well-read, too-fond of the hole in his Converse sneakers, frequently stumbles over his words...especially in the presence of Meredith Brookstone.

Typical vampire story: Human girl falls for vampire boy, wacky hijinks ensue, often featuring instances where boy nearly bites girl.

Vlad: Apart from that whole thirst for blood thing, leads a relatively normal life full of crushes, hanging out with his est friend, and dealing with the horrors of school.

High school totally bites when you're half human, half vampire.
Freshman year sucks for Vlad Tod. Bullies still harass him. The photographer from the school newspaper is tailing him. And failing his studies could be deadly. A trip to Siberia gives "study abroad" a whole new meaning as Vlad connects with other vampires and advances his mind-control abilities, but will he return home with the skills to recognize a vampire slayer when he sees one? In this thrilling sequel to Eighth Grade Bites, Vlad must confront the secrets of the past and battle forces that once again threaten his life.

10 Questions with Heather Brewer author of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series (these questions are originally from a blogfest from Pulse):

1. "If you could choose one fictional character to bring into real life, who would you choose?"

This question is an absolute stumper for me, because I just love the bad guys so much, but can't imagine having any of them walking around in real life without all sorts of awful things happening. That being said, I wouldn't mind hanging out with the brat prince Lestat for a while (until he bored of me and drained me dry, that is…).

2. "How did you survive being a teen?"

I kept my head down and waited for the break of dawn. No, really. I was terribly bullied growing up, so I tried to keep to myself as much as possible. Not that I necessarily recommend that to everyone, but it worked for me. Just know that it will eventually come to an end. It has to.

Also, I wrote a lot and listened to entirely too much (as if there is such a thing) Depeche Mode.

3. "Have you ever written something that you feel uncomfortable writing, knowing that your family and friends will probably end up reading it?"

Oh yes. But then I remind myself that if it's on the page, it's there for a reason.

4. "What do you think are the biggest issues that teens need to be thinking about today? Do you think teens today are looking for quality in the books they read, or just to live vicariously through superficial characters?"

I think today's teens are dealing with more issues than teens ever have. So much is shoved down their throats: sex, drugs, violence, bullying, etc. It's enormously tough to be a teen today. But if you can steer clear of peer pressure and focus on being yourself and not just one of the crowd, you'll be better off. Be true to yourself.

As for the second question, I think it depends on the teen. It seems most teens are looking for characters to really connect with, and stories that they can believe in. But there will always be the other teens—readers who are looking to live the glamorous life of a young, wealthy socialite without much substance.

5. "How have the books you've read inspired the books you've written, if at all?"

I try not to read when I'm writing, so that nothing leaks through. It's definitely challenging, but a necessary evil.

6. "What is the strangest thing you have ever gotten inspiration from?"

My best and weirdest inspiration comes from my dreams. I've been known to dream entire chapters before and hurry to scribble them down in the morning (or, at times, the middle of the night) before I forget. It's almost like my muse whispers ideas into my dreams.

He also gives me ideas while I'm in the shower, also known as "the place with no pens or paper". Stupid muse.

7. "Many writers say parting with a character is hard. Do you ever look back on a character and wish you had changed something about him or her?"

I never look back. It makes it too difficult to move forward.

8. "What is the one thing such as, sky diving or any other daring thing, that you would love to do but you are too afraid?"

I would love to go spelunking. Like serious cave exploration, with the ropes and tools and everything. But I am way too chicken to even try it.

9. "What was the biggest obstacle you faced in becoming an author and how did you overcome it?"

Public speaking has been the absolute hardest thing for me. I'm still working on overcoming my fear, actually. But you probably couldn't tell I'm shaking in my boots—I fake it very well. My theory is that if I act confident in public speaking, eventually I'll trick myself into believing that I am.

10. "What do you do when you are faced with writer's block? What helps you get over it?"

I don't believe in writer's block, actually. I think it's just an excuse that people use when they don't feel like sitting down and working through their issues. What helps me get through my issues is to think logically, and be as objective as I can. When all else fails, ask a friend for fresh eyes. Someone else taking a look can be all you need to uncover the problems that are halting your work.

Thank you to Heather and comment on this post for a chance to win Ninth Grade Slays!


Liviania said...

I've been hearing wonderful things about this series.

Haha, I get my best ideas in the shower. If I need to think it's my go-to place. I then spend the rest of the shower repeating the idea so I don't forget it.

The Story Siren said...

i would love to win a copy of ninth grade slays!!!

The Book Muncher said...

i love vampire stories, so enter me please :D

Anonymous said...

i'd love to be entered

Jessica said...

It's refreshing to hear people admit that high school, etc. may not have been the best time of their lives. I know it wasn't for me. Kudos to moving on to become successful and self-confident!! Can't wait to read this book.

perla said...

This series is getting better with each book, I can't wait for you to read it to see what your opinion is of our little geek vampire Vlad. As for ideas in the shower, if I could remember mine I'd probably be world famous for awesome ideas, but I alas they stay in the shower no matter what. And I agree with Jessica, I get more confident as I get older. I know who I am and what I want out of life. Thanks for entering ladies.

perla said...
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paperxxflowers said...

I'd love to be entered into your contest!

Theopinionedreader said...

i would love to win a copy of ninth grade slays!!!

Bunny B said...

Please enter me! Thank you :)

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Definitely enter me! I love vampire stories as well. :)

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Breanna said...

I keep hearing about this series, I'd love to win a copy of this book!


softindierocker said...

I've been seeing this around a lot, and it sounds really good! Thanks for the contest! =D

~Lucy D =)

Book~Adorer said...

I've heard alot about these books and would love to win one.

Anonymous said...

I love vamp books, need more books from the male perspective too so sign me up.


perla said...

Hey Ryan, I agree, we need more books from the male perspective- especially vampire fiction!

Thanks everyone for entering!!!

dolls123 said...

Would love to read these


Anonymous said...

This blog is totally awesome. Good work!

Vampiress_4Now said...

all my life i loved reading about vampires and things like that but i would have to say i liked eighth grade bites the most, mabye its just because im goth. well i would like to entered alot.