Anonymous said...

So truth be told that I've never read any of your books. But ever since my friends recommended Twilight, and I loved reading it, moving on to The Host, I found myself interested in paranormal novels.

I thought that the description of your book was pretty interesting. I think my friends have read your books and recommended them to me as well. haha. Must be scary seeing ghosts... kind of like "The Sixth Sense" isn't it ?. hehe...

I think that your teenage life probably isn't as "boring" as you claim it to be. God knows that even when you try to make things just normal and meet expectations, the hardships teens experience are anything but boring. haha. But it's nice to see that you might be more modest about it. Seeing how I'm still struggling through my final teen years, well.. I get it. haha.

well, I really do hope to win your signed book. And if I don't, I'll still be sure to get to your book. Awesome interview. =)

Carmen T

Bunny B said...

Woohoo! I won! Congrats to the winners :) Hope you got my email! Thank you SO much!