The Reckoning: New Chapters/New and Improved Pub. Date!

The Reckoning
Darkest Powers Series Book 3
By Kelley Armstrong
April 06, 2010!

If you haven't pulled the trigger and read this series yet, here's your chance to try it for free! For a limited time you can read the first book, The Summoning, completely gratis here.
Once you've fallen into Chloe's world you should be delighted to know that the series only gets better as it goes along. The second book, The Awakening, is my favorite of the two and an absolute MUST read.
So, if you find yourself to be one of the thousands of Darkest Powers fans (and especially of the über-brooding-punch-you-in-the-face-rather-than-talk-to-you Derek) you'll be jumping in your socks now that Harpercollins is dolling out chapters of The Reckoning until the books earlier than previously slated April release date! Here are the first three chapters that had previously been released, plus the latest installment. READ IT!
More sample chapters will drop February 1, then the 15th, and then the 1st of March.
So if you've never taken my advice on anything I've recommended so far, I'd say now is a great time to try one on for size.


pirate penguin said...

I can't wait until April! I loved the first two books. :D

mitzy said...

love kelley armstrong books, I am waiting for the next one

Zombie Girrrl said...

I LOVE this series! My blog is even Darkest Powers themed (loosely). I can't wait for April! It's gonna be sad when it ends, though. :'( I'm gonna miss Derek!