What I'm Excited About...

Anna Dressed In Blood
Book one in Duology
by Kendare Blake
It's just your average, Boy meets Girl...Girl kills People story.

Cas Lowood isn't like other boys. He moves around a lot. He keeps very late nights. He carries a knife. Because Cas knows what other people don't know: that dead doesn't necessarily mean gone. And that some of the dead would like to take you with them.

Anna Korlov isn't like other girls. She's perceptive, and stubborn. She sews her own clothes. She was murdered in 1958. Since then, she's become a murderer herself, known to the locals as the spook story Anna Dressed in Blood. She's a killer, strong as a thunderstorm, able to decapitate hapless wanderers with a twist of her fingers.

Cas has heard of her legend, and intends to do to her what he's done to countless other ghosts: use his knife, and send her back into the ground. But Anna isn't about to go quietly, and what starts as just a routine hunt instead turns his life upside down. Old secrets come back to bite. And the girl he came to town to kill, he finds himself wanting to save instead.

"Anna Dressed in Blood, and a sequel, The Girl From Hell, are to be published by Tor starting in 2011. The teen horror series focuses on a young ghost hunter going up against the strongest spirit he's ever faced: Anna, Dressed in Blood. He's there to kill her, to stop her from adding to her collection of hapless wanderers and dismembered runaways. But as soon as he meets her, this girl twisted by curses and witchcraft, everything begins to change. She might help him understand his ghost-killing duty. She might allow him to finally walk in the light. That is if she doesn't rip his head off and use it as a volleyball first." --from Blake's website.

This perfect sounds like bloodthirsty perfection. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Anna Dressed In Blood.

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