Clockwork Prince Cover Reveal!

Clockwork Prince
Infernal Devices Trilogy Book Two
by Cassandra Clare
Coming December 06, 2011 
"What desperation drove you to me, in the middle of the night, in a rainstorm? What has changed at the Institute? I can only think of one thing..."

The situation at the London Institute has never been more precarious. With Mortmain and his clockwork army still threatening, the Council wants to strip Charlotte of her power and hand the running of the Enclave over to the unscrupulous and power-hungry Benedict Lightwood. 

In the hope of saving Charlotte and the Institute, Will, Jem, and Tessa set out to unravel the secrets of Mortmain’s past—and discover unsettling Shadowhunter connections that hold the key not only to the enemy’s motivations, but also to the secret of Tessa’s identity. Tessa, already caught between the affections of Will and Jem, finds herself with another choice to make when she learns how the Shadowhunters helped make her a “monster.” Will she turn from them to her brother, Nate, who has been begging her to join him at Mortmain’s side? Where will her loyalties—and love—lie? Tessa alone can choose to save the Shadowhunters of London…or end them forever.
The Infernal Devices, while similar to it's sequel series The Mortal Instruments, has a heartbeat all it's own. I am greatly enjoying this look into a steampunk version of Victorian England and the Shadowhunters and Downworlders within it's gaslight streets. Teeming with secrets, sexual tension, and not a little bit of danger this series is on my favorites list.

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