The Traitor is almost here!

US Cover
The Agency, Book Three
by Y.S. Lee
Coming in 02/28/12
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Queen Victoria has a little problem: there’s a petty thief at work in Buckingham Palace. Mary Quinn takes the simple case, going undercover as a domestic servant. But before long, a scandal threatens to tear apart the Royal Family.

One of the Prince of Wales’s irresponsible young friends is killed in disgraceful circumstances. Should the Queen hush things up or allow justice to take its course? Mary’s interest in this private matter soon becomes deeply personal: the killer, a drug-addicted Chinese sailor, shares a name with her long-lost father.

Meanwhile, James Easton’s engineering firm is repairing the sewers beneath Buckingham Palace. Trouble is, there’s a tunnel that’s not on the plans. Its purpose is unclear. But it seems to be very much in use.

These overlapping puzzles offer a perfect opportunity for Mary and James to work together again… if they can still trust one another. This is Mary’s most personal case yet and she has everything to lose.

I love love love this series. It's everything I want from a Victorian mystery series: a strong and street smart heroine, a dashing and whip smart hero, a chemistry between them that practically combusts off the page, gritty and opulent descriptions of Victorian life, and fascinating mysteries.  

I purchased Traitor In the Tunnel from Amazon UK and I loved it. The ending is especially worth the price I paid for shipping! I will be waiting with baited breath until the release of book four, Rivals In The City
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Jenny N. said...

It's my first time seeing the cover for the third book and I can't wait.

Bradley Cameron said...

My wife and I checked out 6 books from the library the other day and they all had a picture of a girl in a dress. Some of them never had a girl wearing a dress in the entire book. Stinking marketers.

At least this book actually has a girl, and a dress.