Keira Knightly's Anna Karenina-Movie Poster & Trailer

Being a something of a Russophile, I get a little lightheaded with excitement over movies or books covering specific time periods (real or imagined) of Russian history. I'm fascinated by Tsarist Russia, it all seems so opulent and tragic. (Revolutionary Russia, early Communist Russia, and WWII Russia are the other time periods that are so strange or morbidly fascinating to me.) One of the many reasons I'm excited for this new incarnation of Anna Karenina not only because it's directed by Joe Wright- who made my favorite version of Pride and Prejudice and the visually breathtaking Atonement- but because it's starring Aaron Johnson. I LOVE Aaron Johnson. 

Here are some books I reccommend if you want some amazing books with set in Russian (real or fantasy!): 

The Tatiana and Alexander Epic series by Paullina Simons:
-The Bronze Horseman- Book One
-Tatiana and Alexander- Book Two
-Summer Garden- Book Three
-Tatiana's Table- Cookbook with short story inside.
-Children of Liberty Island- Prequel coming in 2013.


The Grisha Series by Leigh Bardugo:
-Shadow and Bone -Book One
-The Witch of Duva -e-Book set in the Grisha Universe.
-Siege and Storm- Book Two coming in 2013.
-Ruin and Rising- Book Three coming in 2014.


The Katerina Trilogy by Robin Bridges:
-The Gathering Storm- Book One
-The Unfailing Light- Book Two coming 10/09/12

I'm hoping that Katya's World by Jonathan L. Howard will be a winner. There are the classics like Crime and Punishment (my über fave), War & Peace, and Doctor Zhivago. Have any other suggestions? 

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