Books I've Read in 2012

In Descending Order:

90. Enclave- Ann Aguirre- (Re-read, 3rd time)
89. Asfall- Mike Mullin (Re-Read, 2nd time)
88. Ashen Winter- Mike Mullin (First Time)
87. Mothership- Martin Leicht (First Time)
86. The Diviners- Libba Bray (First Time)
85. Adorkable- Sarra Manning (First Time)
84. Poison Princess- Arcana Chronicles- Kresely Cole (First Time)
83. Angelfall- Penryn & The End of Days- Susan Ee (First Time)
82. Girl of Nightmares- Anna Dressed In Blood Duology- Kendare Blake (First Time)
81. Outpost- Razorland - Ann Aguirre (First Time)
80. Throne of Glass- Throne of Glass Trilogy- Sarah J. Maas (First Time)
79. Assassin and the Underworld- TOG Prequel- Sarah J Maas (First Time)
78. Assassin and the Desert- TOG Prequel - Sarah J Maas (First Time)
77. Assassin and the Pirate Lord- TOG Prequel - Sarah J. Maas (First Time)
76. Keeping The Castle- Patrice Kindl (First Time)
75. For Darkness Shows the Stars- Diana Peterfreund (First Time)
74. Endurance- Enclave Novella- Ann Aguirre (First Time)
73. The Witch of Duva- Grisha World Novella- Leigh Bardugo (First Time)
72. Shadow & Bone- Grisha Trilogy- Leigh Bardugo (First Time)
71. Changeling- Philippa Gregory (First Time)
70. Kill Me Softly- Sarah Cross (First Time)
69. The Girl In The Clockwork Collar- Steampunk Chronicles- Kady Cross (First Time)
68. Masque of the Red Death- MoRD- Bethany Griffin (First Time)
67. Pure- Pure- Julianna Baggott (First Time)
66. The Weepers- The Other Life- Susan Winnacker (First Time)
65. The Last Princess- Galaxy Craze (First Time)
64. Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom- Book 1- Christopher Healy (First Time)
63. Glitches- Cinder Prequel- Marissa Meyer (First Time)
62. Article 5- Article 5- Kristen Simmons (First Time)
61. The Selection- Selection -Kiera Cass (First Time)
60. Hemlock- Hemlock Series- Kathleen Peacock (First Time)
59. Original Sin- Personal Demons- Lisa Desrochers (First Time)
58. Personal Demons- Personal Demons- Lisa Desrochers (First Time)
57. Fire- Graceling Realm- Kristin Cashore (Re-Read, second time)
56. Bittlerblue- Graceling Realm- Kristin Cashore (First Time)
55. Invisible Sun- Black Hole Sun- David Macinnis Gill (First Time)
54. Black Hole Sun- BHS Trilogy- David Macinnis Gill (First Time)
53. Stolen: A Letter To My Captor- Lucy Christopher (First Time)
52. Beautiful Disaster- Jamie MacGuire (First Time)
51. Welcome Caller, This Is Chloe- Shelly Coriell (First Time)
50. The Peculiars- Maureen Doyle McQuerry (First Time)
49. Devil's Punishment- Corrine Solomon- Ann Aguirre (First Time)
48. Black Heart- Curse Worker's Trilogy- Holly Black (First Time)
47. The Shape Of Desire- Sharon Shinn (First Time)
46. Grave Mercy- His Fair Assassin, R.L. LaFevers (First Time)
45. The Game Of Thrones- George R.R. Martin (First Time)
44. After The Snow- S.D. Crockett (First Time)
43. Ruby Red- Edelstein Trilogy- Kerstin Geir (First Time)
42. So Silver Bright- Théâtre Illuminata- Lisa Mantchev (First Time)
41. Forgiven- Demon Trappers Daughter- Jana Oliver (First Time)
40. Strange Brew Anthology- Alpha & Omega spin-off novella- Patricia Briggs (Re-read, 2nd time)
39. Cry Wolf- Alpha & Omega- Patricia Briggs (Re-read, 3rd time)
38. On the Prowl- Alpha & Omega 1st Novella- Patricia Briggs (Re-read, 2nd time)
37. Fair Game- Alpha & Omega- Patricia Briggs (First Time)
36. Fever- Chemical garden- Lauren DeStefano (First Time)
35. Timeless- Parasol Protectorate- Gail Carriger (First Time)
34. Trail of the Spellmans- The Spellman Files- Lisa Lutz (First Time)
33. The Spellmans Strike Again- Lisa Lutz (Re-Read, 7th time)
32. The Revenge of the Spellmans- Lisa Lutz (Re-Read, 5th time)
31. Curse of the Spellmans- Lisa Lutz (Re-Read, 5th time)
30. The Spellman Files- Lisa Lutz (Re-Read, 5th time)
29. Partials- Partials- Dan Wells (First Time)
28. Soul Thief- Demon Trappers Daughter- Jana Oliver (First Time)
27. Empire Of Ruins- Hunchback Assignments- Arthur Slade (First Time)
26. The Pledge- Pledge- Kimberly Derting (First Time)
25. Born Wicked- Cahill Witch Chronicles- Jessica Spotswood (First Time)
24.Cinder- Lunar Chronicles- Marissa Meyer (First Time)
23. Scarlet- A.C. Gaughen (First Time)
22. The Space Between- Brenna Yovanoff (First Time)
21. Pandemonium- Delirium- Lauren Oliver (First Time)
20. Everneath- Everneath- Brodi Ashton (First Time)
19. Ashfall- Ashfall- Mike Mullin (First Time)
18. Dragonswood- Janet Lee Carey (First Time)
17. Touch Of Power- Healer- Maria V. Snyder (First Time)
16. Shatter Me- Shatter Me- Tahereh Mafi (First Time)
15. Under The Never Sky- Under the Never Sky- Veronica Rossi (First Time)
14. The Exhile- Outlander Graphic Novel- Diana Gabaldon (Re-Read, 2nd time)
13. Lord John and The Scottish Prisoner- Lord John Novella- Diana Gabaldon (Re-Read, 2nd time)
12. An Echo In The Bone- Diana Gabaldon (Re-Read, 8th time)
11. A Breath of Snow and Ashes- Diana Gabaldon (Re-Read, 8th time)
10. Fiery Cross- Diana Gabaldon (Re-Read, 8th time)
9. Drums of Autumn- Diana Gabaldon (Re-Readstopped counting after my 25th time)
8. Voyager- Diana Gabaldon (Re-Read, stopped counting after my 25th time)
7. Dragonfly In Amber- Diana Gabaldon (Re-Readstopped counting after my 25th time)
6. Outlander- Diana Gabaldon (Re-Read, stopped counting after my 25th time)
5. Songs Of Love and Death- edited by George R.R. Martin (First Time)(First Time)
4. Tatiana's Table- Paullina Simons (Re-Read, 2nd time)
3. Summer Garden- Paullina Simons (Re-Read, 2nd time)
2. Tatiana and Alexander- Paullina Simons (Re-Read, 2nd time)
1. The Bronze Horseman- Paullina Simons (Re-Read, 4th time)

People always ask me what have I been up to. And I always answer with the ubiquitous "work" or "nothing", but THIS is what I've been up to in 2012. Most people wouldn't see the value in reading a lot. And I understand that this year I've read more than most years. So I keep it all close to the vest. Except here, where most people I know don't visit. Yes, technically reading is part of my job, but I love doing this. Sure I'm living vicariously through these stories, but I am happy. And isn't that what really matters?! I've not yet hit my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 100 new books in 2012, so I still have more less than 30 to go on that front.

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Krystianna said...

I thought I read a lot so far until I saw this! Congrats. :)