Cover Reveal: Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnson

The Other Land Chronicles Trilogy, Book One
by Melissa de la Cruz, Michael Johnson
Coming 03/12/13
ISBN-13:  978-0399257544
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Pages: 272
Mythology, mystery, and true love 

One hundred and eleven years after a catastrophic disaster wiped out 99% of humanity, much of the earth is covered in ice. The world of reason, of mathematics and science, is ending, and a new civilization is being born from the ice: a world of magic and mayhem, sorcerers and spellcraft. But where is the magic coming from? And how dangerous is it?

Cass is one of the first to realize that she is different. That she belongs to the race of Immortals, of Dragon-tamers. And now something unknown is pushing her to embark on a dangerous journey across the poisoned sea to the mythical Other Land. The only ones who can help her are a ragtag group of mercenaries with little hope of safe passage.

So maybe I haven't clicked with any of the stories or characters that Melissa de la Cruz has penned so far, but this story sounds kinda too goo to pass  up. An Ice Age, science crumbling as magic creates a new world. I've got to try it. 

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