Last day to register to vote for 2012 election!

There are several options available to you on this last day of registration. Make sure your voice is heard. This is a crucial election year for the future of the Supreme Court, and many other essential Issues.

You can register online, you can pick up a Voter Registration form (so long as it gets postmarked 10/22/12) at your local library, you can register by phone, you can even print out a form

A lot of young adults feel like voting makes no difference to their lives or their futures- I was one of those people. But as I got older and I started to listen and pay attention, I realized that I could make a difference. My voice counted. I needed to fight for what I believed in and not take a passive role in my future.

Californians, you can also start voting! As of Oct. 8, 2012, you can send in your ballots.

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