SVH- It's back for your e-reader!

Sweet Valley High was my EVERYTHING. PLAYING WITH FIRE was the gateway drug into more "mature" romance for my twelve year-old self. I needed to recreate, nay, raise the stakes on the feelings I got from reading a very specific scene in this book involving Bruce and Jessica in the water. I re-read this scene I have no idea how many times, but it cemented my still ongoing prerequisite for most books I read to have some romantic content.  

Bruce Patman was my first bad boy. And he was bad on an epic level. Arrogant, demanding, and "way-too fast".  This awesomely bad dreamboat was eventually tamed by the sweet and fragile Regina Morrow -who had a heart condition and died tragically- sending bad boy Bruce off the deep end. This all took place on maybe my favorite book of the series, ON TH EDGE. I blame my being raised on All My Children (and back then, it was SERIOUSLY soapy and must-watch-TV), reading SVH (forget you Todd, I wanted Jeff- he was blonde and I had a type-!!! Elizabeth you jerk!), and my Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mysteries. Nancy Drew and Frank Hardy had some massive sexual chemistry that drove my younger self crazy (dump Ned Nancy, he's a drip!). Those two mega sleuths were always riding this razors edge of almost making out, and the almost infidelity constantly going on was waaaay sexy. I wish I could go back in time and re-read all the drama, who  knows, maybe I will!

According to EW.com Sweet Valley High is making a comeback via your e-reader. Here's more:

"First the Baby-Sitters Club and now Sweet Valley High? We might just explode from a fit of teen lit nostalgia. Sweet Valley High is the latest ’80s YA series to receive an electronic makeover. The first twelve books will be available on eReaders, smartphones, and tablets Tuesday. Have identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield — the original “California gurls” — changed at all since they first hit the shelves of teens and tweens everywhere in 1983? Brainy Elizabeth and on-again-off again boyfriend Todd Wilkins are still having their ups and downs and the popular Jessica is still getting into hijincks with her frenemy Lila Fowler.
The colors on the covers may be brighter in pixel form, and the books live on to pack their addictive candy-like punch. Click through to see exclusive images of the book covers, featuring the Wakefield twins and their BFFs." --EW.com

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