The Host movie, so I guess I DO want to watch it after all.

Coming 03/29/13 

  A parasitic alien soul is injected into the body of Melanie Stryder. Instead of carrying out her race's mission of taking over the Earth, "Wanda" (as she comes to be called) forms a bond with her host and sets out to aid other free humans. The trailer looks.... ok, it looks great. It worked me up, got me ready to fall for Jared and Melanie. But I am leery of going into a franchise that has anything to do with Stephanie Meyer. Then I saw this picture (see below), and I was sold. Something about their complete grubbiness and the arid vastness around them sold me. Maybe it's all to do with Max Irons (after all, I did suffer from Red Riding Hood for him, that movie was Terrible). Although, if this book/series has a "love triangle", then I will tear my hair out.

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