What I'm Excited About....

For Print:

Rosamund Hodge's SUNDERED

All her life, Nyx Triskellion has known that on her nineteenth birthday she must marry the demon who rules Arcadia. All her life, she has trained to kill him.

But her new husband, Ignifex, disarms her immediately. His magic, ever-shifting castle enthralls her. And instead of hurting her, he begins to attract her.

Nyx befriends Shade, Ignifex's living shadow, and soon is convinced that he is the last prince of Arcadia, magically trapped as a slave. But as she searches for a way to free Shade and Arcadia, she grows closer to Ignifex, until she must decide: who is really the monster?

Sundered by Rosamund Hodge is due out from Balzer & Bray in early 2014.

 Jeyn Roberts's THE BODIES WE WEAR

DARK INSIDE and RAGE WITHIN author Jeyn Roberts's THE BODIES WE WEAR, pitched as Kill Bill meets The Lovely Bones, in which a girl trains to take revenge on those who took her future and murdered the boy she loved, after a powerful new drug causes havoc and deadly addiction, little realizing that someone from her past is coming to help her, to Knopf Children's, in a two-book deal, for publication in Fall 2014.

Stephanie Diaz's debut EXTRACTION Trilogy

Nineteen-year-old film student Stephanie Diaz's debut EXTRACTION trilogy, about a girl who wins escape from a life of brutality on her planet's surface only to face the cruel realization that her new life within the core has its own set of horrors, pitched as Divergent meets Ender's Game, to St. Martin's, in a three-book deal.

Katherine Ewell's I, OPHELIA

Seventeen-year old novelist Katherine Ewell's I, OPHELIA, about a 17 year old girl who kills on request, but as a nihilist does so without remorse or regret and becomes the most famous serial killer in London since Jack the Ripper, to Katherine Tegen Books, for publication in January 2014.

John Dixon's debut DISSIDENT

John Dixon's debut DISSIDENT, the first in a sci-fi thriller series for teens, introducing a tough but principled orphan who lands himself on an island boot camp for teen offenders and is determined to turn his life around until kids start to die, forcing the captives into a us-against-them fight for their lives, to Gallery, in a two-book deal.
Film rights optioned to ABC Studios.


BAD GIRLS DON'T DIE author Katie Alender's MARIE ANTOINETTE, SERIAL KILLER, about an American teenager, who travels to France and stumbles upon a series of murders, all possibly committed by the angry ghost of the ex-queen, who may have her sights on her as well, to Scholastic, for publication in Fall 2013.

Elissa Sussman's STRAY

Elissa Sussman's STRAY, set in a world where magic is a curse and where princesses who stray from The Path are redirected and become fairy godmothers, pitched as THE HANDMAID'S TALE meets Grimm's Fairy Tales, to Greenwillow, in a two book deal.
Courtney Allison Moulton's A Dance With Darkness

Courtney Allison Moulton's A Dance With Darkness: An Angelfire Novella, a prequel in the Angelfire trilogy, again to Katherine Tegen Books, for publication in winter 2013.
For Digital:

Garrett Calcaterra's DREAMWIELDER

Garrett Calcaterra's DREAMWIELDER, in which a young girl with supernatural abilities and of royal blood embarks on an epic journey to harness her power and free an empire from tyranny and the war against magic, to Diversion Books, for publication in spring of 2013.

Kody Keplinger's three original digital-only short stories

Kody Keplinger's collection of three original digital-only short stories, two of which take place at Hamilton High and follow side characters from The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) and A Midsummer's Nightmare, and one of which introduces a character from the author's upcoming novel Goldfish, to Little, Brown Children's, for ebook publication in Spring 2013.

Rosamund Hodge's GILDED ASHES

Rosamund Hodge's GILDED ASHES, a novella re-imagining the fairy tale Cinderella as a prequel to her novel SUNDERED, again to Harper Teen Impulse, for publication in fall 2013.

Ingrid Paulson's prequel short story, VALKYRIE SYMPTOMS

Valkyrie Rising author, Ingrid Paulson's prequel short story, VALKYRIE SYMPTOMS, again to Harper Teen Impulse. 

---all from Publisher's Market Place, save for SUNDERED where I found it on author's web page.

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