Hatter Madigan needs your help!

Once you've read the Looking Glass Wars Trilogy the character of Hatter Madigan stays with you, he's this mythic hero even in his own series and he sizzles on the page. If there is more of his story to tell, then I am going to do my part- even if it's in a small way- to help make it happen. 

The most exciting portion of Frank Beddor's Kickstarter project announcement was his wish to expand the series beyond the original trilogy. 

"...Meeting our goal will be great. Closing this chapter in Hatter's story fantastic. But even better would be co-publishing with you the dramatic conclusion to Hatter's search in vol. 5, LOVE OF WONDER. Help me make it happen.
But even this only scratches the surface of what I have planned for The Looking Glass Wars universe.
Already in the pipeline are prequels and sequels to the LGW novels and a new Hatter original graphic novel trilogy that takes the character in an entirely new and exciting direction. And, speaking of new directions, we're also hard at work on a Looking Glass Wars stage musical. Plus, there are games, movies, television shows, and more on our slate. So much we want to do. So much our fans have demanded.
Help us exceed our goal! Fuel the Hatter M and Looking Glass Wars development engines. And you can be guaranteed new, compelling material will come to you in 2014, 2015 and beyond!..."

by Frank Beddor

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