The Witch's Betrayal by Cassandra Rose Clark- Naji prequel!!!

An Assassin's Curse Novella, Book 0.5
by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Available Now
Publisher: Strange Fiction
Pages: 46
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You've read The Assassin’s Curse. You've met Naji. Now go back in time and see Naji in his earlier years, as he seeks a target and ends up clashing with Leila, the river witch...

There are bad boys in YA aplenty, but then there are Bad Boys. Dangerous, deadly, and bad news for everyone they meet. There a few but memorable ones like Darkling from SHADOW AND BONE, Warner from SHATTER ME (but especially in DESTROY ME), and now Naji in THE ASSASSIN'S CURSE. I should have posted this as soon as I read THE WITCH'S BETRAYAL, but I was selfish and wanted to to keep Naji to myself for just a bit longer. 

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