Cover Revealed: Kinslayer by jay Kristoff

Lotus Wars, Book Two
by Jay Kristoff
Coming 09/17/13
ISBN-13: 978-1250001412
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Pages: 336
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Book Two in the critically acclaimed Lotus War series that began with Stormdancer, featuring butt-kicking heroine Yukiko and Jay Kristoff's stunningly original Japanese dystopian steampunk world 

Now Jay returns with Kinslayer, the hotly anticipated follow-up to Stormdancer. Following Shōgun Yoritomo’s assassination, the threat of civil war looms over the Shima Imperium. The Lotus Guild conspires to renew the Shōgun’s broken dynasty and crush the growing rebellion. Yukiko is blinded by rage over her father’s death, and her ability to hear the thoughts of beasts is swelling beyond her control. Along with Buruu, Yukiko’s anchor is the rebel Guildsman Kin. But the boy has his own secrets, and is haunted by dreams of a future he’d rather die than see realized. And a new enemy gathers its strength, readying to push the fracturing Shima Imperium into war. Sent on a mission across storm-tossed oceans, Yukiko and her mighty thunder tiger will face a foe no sword or talon can defeat: Buruu’s own blood-stained past.

With his debut novel, Stormdancer, Jay Kristoff came roaring onto the fantasy scene—he has been praised as “the master of unique and intense plots and huge twists” (USAToday.com), while critics raved about the novel, calling it “[A] fast-paced, fantastical adventure [that] is sharp as a Shogun's sword.” (The LA Times). And with healthy sales in hardcover and electronic—fueled by Jay’s inventive, enthusiastic, and relentless promotion on his website, Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere—we know readers agree.

Jay Kristoff pretty much just dropped the mic with this new cover- again. I mean, Yukiko is hard as nails!! 

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