Winterbay by J. Barton Mitchell Available for Pre-Order!

Conquered Earth Novella, Book 0.5
by J. Barton Mitchell
Coming 12/23/13
ISBN-13: 9781466850514
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Pages: 46

Edition: e-Book
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Mira Toombs has fled Midnight City, leaving behind her home and the people she loves in a desperate gamble to repair the damage her Tone enhancing artifact has caused. It is a journey that will lead her to Winterbay, an infamous, frozen city built in the middle of Lake Michigan. A place of secrets and conspiracies – and the one place more dangerous for Mira than Midnight City. Winterbay is the last bastion of the World Before, a place that has shunned the power of the Strange Lands, and where being a Freebooter means the death sentence.

To get what she needs, Mira must take a desperate bargain. One that will lead her into the city's icy depths, where its greatest and most dangerous secret lies guarded by a massive, deadly machine that rumor and myth say only one person can disarm. The one person not allowed inside the city walls.

A Freebooter.

I have my copy pre-ordered!!

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