For Ashfall fans: Darla's novella coming soon...

This is it!
It PAINS me to share this with all of you, because I am selfish and I'd like to win this prize. But I get lots of points on Rafflecopter if I post this, so here goes:

It's been a long wait for Ashfall book 3- tentatively titled: SUNSHINE. And we all have a lot more waiting still to endure. But hell, if Alex and Darla can ski through volcano ash and snow, I guess I can wait a few months to find out what happens to everyone. In my head it's like the Metallica movie, Through the Never- especially since so much of my Ashfall soundtrack is heavily comprised of Metallica classics. Thankfully Mike is throwing us poor bastards a bone, his novella for Darla is coming this Fall to an e-reader near you. I'll personally believe it when I can plaster it all over my Goodreads shelves and pre-order it on Amazon, but I digress. Go to his blog for more info and to enter in the giveaway.

"...As you read ASHFALL you learn a lot about how Alex survives the first two weeks after the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, but not much about Darla's experience with the eruption.
About a year ago, I sat down to fix that. I wrote a novelette--60 pages about everything that happens to Darla from the time Yellowstone erupts to when she meets Alex. About every four months since then I've gotten it out and rewritten it. This fall, it will finally be published in an ebook format. It'll be available for all e-reader platforms for $0.99 or less.But if you want to read it early, here's your chance. I'm giving away a one-of-a-kind signed paper manuscript with editorial markings.." --from Mike Mullin's blog.

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