Cover Revealed: Rebel by Amy Tintera

Reboot Duology, Book Two
by Amy Tintera
Coming 05/06/14
ISBN-13: 978-062217103
Publisher: Harper Teen
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I was dead for 178 minutes.
I'm not ready to die again.
When Wren and Callum finally reach the Reboot Reservation, a safe haven from HARC, they discover it isn’t the paradise they’d been expecting. Instead, it’s run by the bloodthirsty Micah 163, who has been building an army of Reboots intent on wiping out all the humans. Callum and Wren begin organizing a rebel army to fight back, but with HARC on one side and Micah on the other, saving the innocent and forging a lasting peace between humans and Reboots is a nearly impossible task. But Wren and Callum have never let that stop them before.

With powerful characters, cinematic action, and a heart-stopping romance, this riveting sequel to Reboot is an explosive and triumphant finish to this much-buzzed duology.

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