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I’ve read some of the most epic and enduring romances that have changed me on a fundamental level. In reading those novels/series I believed, and still do, that they were exemplifying what true love should be. After having read ADDICTED TO YOU, RICOCHET, and ADDICTED FOR NOW I absolutely have to add Lo and Lily to those ranks. It’s not the physicality of their relationship that makes them unique; it’s how deep and unconditional their love is. NO ONE knows them as well as they know each other. Every dark corner, every ugly part of themselves, and at their absolute worst, Lily and Lo love one another completely. The love they have is built on an intense and exclusionary friendship that has lasted since their childhood. They were there for each other for almost every childhood scar, every trauma and every milestone. It’s nearly impossible to separate the “Lo & Lily” co-dependent entity into two individuals, but as the series progresses you see them beginning to stand on their own albeit shaky feet.

What really sets the Addicted series apart is the completeness of the universe Becca and Krista have created. Depicting Alcoholism and Sexual Addiction with unglamorous honesty and realism, and most importantly, as an effect of family trauma/dysfunction is what makes brings these characters to life. The Hale’s, the Calloway’s, the Meadow’s, the Cobolt’s are the engines that drive the series. The psychological traumas inherit in dysfunctional families play out in every character in very different ways. The core characters; Lo, Lily, Rose, Connor, Ryke, and Daisy are very much all products of their upbringing. It’s easy to see the damage in Lily & Lo, but probably a lot harder for the rest of the characters to recognize the damage within them. It’s going to be really interesting reading KISS THE SKY and HOTHOUSE FLOWER to see how Becca and Krista open up Rose, Connor, Daisy, and Ryke. After three books into the Addicted series and I feel the authors have only just scratched the surface of L&L’s recovery. 

I'd say that the Addicted series is my favorite NA I've ever read, but that wouldn't be enough, I have to say that the Addicted series is the best contemporary romance series I've EVER read. Read my interview with the amazing authors; Becca & Krista Ritchie in the post above. GO to Amazon and pick up a Kindle edition of ADDICTED TO YOU, it's on sale for $.99 for a limited time only. And do not forget to buy ADDICTED FOR NOW on November 30th!

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Jennifer Rohrbach said...

I completely agree with you 100%, share the same sentiment, and feel exactly the same as you do about The Addicted Series!