Trailer reveal: Flowers In the Attic Remake!!

1987 version
Flowers In the Attic by V.C. Andrews is to this day one of the BEST most scandalous, gothic, taboo YA contemporary novel written. The 1987 starring the perfect Kristy Swanson version is on my all-time favorites list, but this Lifetime incarnation seems to be hitting everything that was essential to the book & the first movie. The role of the Grandmother must be cast to perfection, in 87 it was the chilling Louise Fletcher and in the 2014 version it is Ellen Burstyn which is like hitting the nail on the head. Couldn't have cast the role of the Grandmother any better than Burstyn. The role of Mother is played this time around by Heather Graham, who I am in love with, she's so thin and fragile, and perfect. I cannot wait to see what Graham does with this twisted role, twenty years ago she would have made an amazing Young Cathy.

So let's get to the unenviable role of filling Kristy Swanson's shoes as Young Cathy, and let me just say that I am crazy about this casting, Kiernan Shipka is a little powerhouse on Mad Men and I am thrilled to see her performance. Lastly there's Christopher, he has to be beautiful, almost pretty in his perfection, and Mason Dye is that to a T. January 18th cannot come soon enough!

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Tales of the Ravenous Reader said...

WOW! I read this series years ago and it was disturbing but I could not stop reading it. I did not care for the movie version of this book but am willing to try it again.