Cover Revealed: Wizard's Promise by Cassandra Rose Clarke

The Hannah Duology, Book One
Coming 05/06/14
ISBN-13: 978-1908844743
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
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"I was picking ice berries for Mama’s start-of-spring cake when a spark of magic smacked me in the side of the head. My basket hit the ground and berries rolled out over the mud, and I scowled at the little trail of amber light darting back and forth through the air." --from CRC website.

1st Synopsis:
Hanna has spent her life hearing about the adventures of her namesake Ananna, the lady pirate, and assassin Naji. She dreams of the same adventures, but little does she know she is about to tumble into one of her own. Hanna is apprenticed to a taciturn fisherman called Kolur, and, during a day of storms and darkness, are swept wildly off course. 

In this strange new land, Kolur hires a stranger to join the crew and, rather than heading home, sets a course for the dangerous island of Jadanvar. As Hanna meets a secretive merboy, and learns that Kolur has a deadly past, she soon realises that wishing for adventures is a dangerous game - because those wishes might come true.

The two novels will be called The Wizard’s Promise and The Nobleman’s Revenge, with the first one landing mid-2014

Current Synopsis:
All Hanna Euli wants is to become a proper witch – but unfortunately, she’s stuck as an apprentice to a grumpy fisherman. When their boat gets caught up in a mysterious storm and blown wildly off course, Hanna finds herself further away from home than she’s ever been before.

As she tries to get back, she learns there may be more to her apprentice master than she realized, especially when a mysterious, beautiful, and very non-human boy begins following her through the ocean, claiming that he needs Hanna’s help.

All I know is that I'm going to get to return to the world I fell in love with in ASSASSIN'S CURSE & THE PIRATE'S WISH- even though Naji and Annana won't appear in this series, they will be acknowledged, and even that small thing is like saying hi to old friends (and meeting new ones!).


Valia Lind said...

I LOVED Assassin's Curse!!! LOVED. I'm soo excited about these books. I didn't even know this was happening! lol Thanks for sharing :)


Perla said...

You are my new book best friend, anyone who loved the Assassin's Curse is good people to me. Cannot wait to meet the characters of Wizards Promise.