Invasion: A Sequel to The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze- now available...

The Last Princess, Book Two
by Galaxy Craze
Publisher: Alloy Entertainment
Pages: 200
Find it on Amazon Kindle, B&N NookiTunes, Not yet available at SDCL 

After defeating Cornelius Hollister—the man who killed her parents and tried to destroy her country—Princess Eliza Windsor wants nothing more than to live quietly with Wesley, the boy she loves. It’s been ten years since the Seventeen Days, the series of disasters that decimated the earth. England was the only country to survive—or so they thought.

Others survived the Seventeen Days, and soon England is engulfed in suffering and bloodshed once again. Eliza and Mary become prisoners in their own home. To save her country, Eliza will have to rely upon all her inner strength—and learn to trust where she least expects it.

In the sequel to The Last Princess, Galaxy Craze has written another darkly atmospheric tale of adventure, suspense, and the unbreakable power of true love.

2012's THE LAST PRINCESS was an amazing book that not that many people know about. But if you've read it, odds are you've been begging the publishing Gods for the sequel. Apparently, it was happening and there were red herrings all over the place about INVASION. But the publication date came and went and fans hadn't seen a synopsis or a leaked cover. Nothing. Until I just kept digging, I finally found it ALREADY available on iTunes, that lead me to Amazon Kindle and it seemed that with practically ZERO hype, Invasion was published on April 9, 2014. A bit bitter that there seemingly NO fanfare, I'm just grateful it's here, and I'm off to read it. Ta!

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