Sarah J. Maas new book news!



If, like me, you are a Sarah J. Maas fanatic the news that came out yesterday via EW.com sent you into paroxysms of delight. According to the entertainment news site, the blockbuster favorite Court of Thorns and Roses series will not end in a trilogy as originally stated. It will instead be as epic a saga as her juggernaut smash hit Throne of Glass series! Comprising of a total 9 volumes, "...the first new work in A Court of Thorns and Roses will be a coloring book, also due out in 2017. The other five works will publish beginning in 2018..."

As if that weren't enough, Maas will also publish two and two new works in Thrones of Glass. 

"...Two new books will join the previously announced sixth and final book in Throne of Glass, about a beautiful assassin fighting for her survival. The new works will be a novella about the character Chaol Westfall and a compendium titled, The World of Throne of Glass, which, according to Bloomsbury, will be “the ultimate guide to the Throne of Glass series and the world of Erilea, including an illustrated compendium of characters, settings, magic, gods, politics, creatures, and vocabulary, plus a timeline of events.” --ew.com

This is just genius on the part of both author and publisher, you have a rabid fanbase and a deep well of original mythology, why stop when you can make more money and fans deliriously happy and the same time? 

Maas is slated to appear at San Diego Comic-Con, where she will sign books and speak at panels. Those lucky ticket holders should be prepared for a long line to see this prolific author. She is like a princess, magical, beautiful, and above all else her brain is a national treasure. I highly recommend you meet her. See the schedule below.

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