Cover Revealed: The Summer Palace by C.S. Pacat

The summer palace

The Captive Prince Trilogy Novella, Book 3.5
Coming 2017
Pages: 24
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Set after the events of the Captive Prince trilogy, The Summer Palace is a story about Damen and Laurent during summer. It's an epilogue of sorts to the Captive Prince series.

"The Summer Palace will be an epilogue of sorts to Kings Rising and will focus on the characters of Damen and Laurent.
‘There’s a summer palace in Ios outside the capital. My mother designed the gardens there. They say it’s built on Artesian foundations.’ He thought of the meandering walks, the delicate, flowering southern orchids, the sprays of orange blossom. ‘It’s cool in summer, and there are fountains, and tracks for riding.’ His pulse beat with uncharacteristic nerves, so that he felt almost shy. ‘When all this is over . . . we could take horses and stay a week in the palace.’-- from C.S. Pacat website.

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