Only one new book today...

Anatopsis by Chris Abouzeid
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From the book jacket...
"Princess Anatopsis Solomon is a prodigy. She can levitate. She can spotshift to distant planets. She can even make fish rain down from the ceiling. Her mother, Queen Solomon, wants Ana to follow in her footsteps and become chairwoman of Amalgamated Witchcraft Corporation. But Ana wants to be a knight-errant, like her father.
On Ana's thirteenth birthday, the Queen brings a new tutor to the castle: a chilling, corpse-like demigod named Mr. Pound. Mr. Pound is supposed to mold Ana to her mother's wishes, but Ana soon discovers that his plans stretch far beyond the education of a princess. He is searching for the mysterious and powerful Os Divinitas -- and when he finds it, no one will be spared.
Catapulted by an ominous prophecy and a shocking discovery, the Princess and her friends -- including the endearing (if bumbling) Prince Barnaby Georges -- set out on an unlikely quest through the rich world of Anatopsis, where ancient gods, magical Immortals, a rebel army, and the very last dog in the Universe must fight to save their dying worlds.

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