Don't turn on the lights

Ryan and Alex shared a dorm room at college. Ryan was more into partying than into school, while Alex spent most of her time studying. Alex hummed under his breath a lot while he was studying, had a hard time sleeping, or just trying to annoy because it was a sure way to really bother Ryan.
This night in particular was just the same as any other. Ryan came home late from a party, and Alex was already in bed with the lights off. Exhausted, Ryan grew angry when Alex started humming "Blue Bayou". He yelled at Alex to "Give it a rest will ya."
The humming stopped for a while, then started up again just as Ryan was drifting off to sleep. He sat up and threw his pillow at Alex and yelled, "Shut your stupid trap, freak." and this time he listened.
The next morning when Ryan woke up, oddly Alex was still asleep, with the covers completely over him. Ryan went to his closet, to get dressed for his run when Alex started humming "Blue Bayou" again.
Ryan laughed, "Man, you just don't know when to quit do you," He turned around and said, "I'll just have to shut you up mysel..." but he stopped in mid sentence with a scream when he saw a hooded man standing in the corner. The man held a bloody machete in one hand and ALex's severed head in the other. He was humming "Blue Bayou" as he started walking toward Ryan.

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