The woman in white

A young man had just left a party given by some of his friends. As he started down the road it was about 12:30 at night and pouring down rain. He had only driven about 2 miles when he saw this faint figure walking on the side of the road. As he got closer he realized it was a young lady, for she was wearing a long white dress. He pulled over and asked her if she was OK. "I need to get home, please take me home." He figured she had came from the party so he said, "Sure, get in." She got into the front seat and they drove away together.

He noticed she was shivering so he took off his jacket and offered it to her, "You're shivering, here, take this." She gladly accepted and put the jacket on saying, "I'm always so cold." He tried to strike up a conversation, but she would only answer his question of where home was. The young man was overwhelmed by how beautiful the girl was. When he pulled up to her house he was going to ask her out, but when he went around to the passenger side, the door was open and she was gone. He was confused but she'd been so anxious to get home she must have just run into her house. The following day the young man realized the girl had left in such a rush, that she forgot to leave his jacket with his cell phone in the pocket. He remembered the directions to her house and drove out there.

The young man was shocked at what he found. The house looked abandoned and so decrepit that it was falling apart. Last night the house had looked almost new. He knocked on the door anyway, calling out. He stepped into the house and felt the temperature had dropped so much so that he could see his breath. The place felt threatening and creepy and at the first sound he ran out and drove away as fast as his wheels could take him.

Unable to just let it go as a long night and possible hallucination, he sat at his computer and googled the old house. He found the story in the county newspaper, in 1963 a young woman by the name of Harper Spellman had been walking home one night when she disappeared. The Father, crazy with grief, had then killed the rest of his family and himself when police failed to find her or the person who had taken her.

Harper's remains had been found years later in the woods far from home. Her murder was never solved. There were stories of a young woman in white who walked that road on the anniversary of her disappearance, on the night she had died. The young man convinced himself he'd somehow heard the story before and just dreamed about her.

But once a year, on the night she was killed, his phone always rang. No matter where he was or how many times he changed his number, his old cell phone would come up on caller ID and a distant and staticy voice of a young woman scared and alone said, "I want to go home.... please it's so cold here..... why can't I go home?"

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