"Look behind you!"

A guy is driving home from Maryland on the way back to Texas, he's taking a short cut through the back country to avoid speed traps. It's about 2:00 am as it starts raining when he realizes he's almost out of gas. This frustrates him as he's just stopped outside of Lafayette for gas. He was sure he'd told the attendant to fill the tank while he used the bathroom. Up ahead he sees a sign for a gas station about 3 miles ahead and breaths a sigh of relief. But when he gets there he notices it's one of those old family-owned run down gas stations. He's wary to stop but he really has no choice, he just thinks to himself that he's been watching too many horror movies. As he pulls in a man comes running through the rain. He puts the pump in the tank and asks for the guys credit card. At first the guy can't see the man's face, it's shadowed by a hood. As he's rolling down the window the man shifts and the guy sees a horrifically deformed face. He hands the card to the man over the top of the window and the man runs back inside. The guy keeps his eyes on the man who is staring intensely at his car through the window of the station.

After a few seconds the man comes back out and tells the guy he will have to come inside, his card has been denied. Reluctantly, the guy walks inside. The man grabs him in a vice-like grip and tries to tell him something as he waves a gun in the air, the guy doesn't stop to listen. He hits the man as hard as he can, knocking the man to the ground. The guy runs into his car, slipping and sliding in the mud. He can hear the crashes and screams from the disfigured man inside who is getting up to chase him. As the guy takes off the man barrels out of the station screaming something and gesturing frantically at the car, but the guy cannot hear over the roar of the engine as he guns it away from the station.

After driving for a few miles he turns on the radio and tries to relax.

"...Lafayette is rocked by tragedy tonight as an escaped criminal cuts a bloody swath through the city. Citizens are cautioned to stay indoors. The killer was last seen near a gas station on the outskirts of the city..."

As he glances in the rear-view mirror, he gasps as someone pop out of the back seat the moonlight glinting off of an axe.

It's the last thing he ever sees.

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