Coming home: A "Space Oddity" cover by Commander Chris Hadfield

"Tonight at 7:08 ET, Commander Chris Hadfield – one of the most charismatic Commanders in the history of the International Space Station – will return to Earth. For the last five months, his steady stream of tweets, photographs and videos have been a source of inspiration, education and entertainment for millions around the globe. Here, in no particular order, is a collection of some of the most awesome things Hadfield has bestowed upon us in his time aboard the ISS.

Yesterday, to commemorate his tenure as ISS commander, Hadfield posted this cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" – the first music video ever recorded in space. Bowie signed off on the homage, and even lent Hadfield the talents of Emm Gryner, who was a part of the Bowie live band in 1999/2000..." --from i09.

"Space Oddity" has always  made me want to cry, but watching this cover I really felt how truely awesome Commander Chris Hadfield's journey has been. Respect.

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