Cover Revealed: Vanguard by Ann Aguirre

Razorland Series Companion
Coming 07/25/17
ISBN-13: 978-1250089823 // Publisher:  Feiwel and Friends // Pages: 320
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A companion fourth book in the New York Times—bestselling Razorland YA series reunites Deuce, Fade and Tegan as they fight a new war with the evolving and more intelligent Freaks.

After the war of Horde, the huntress Deuce and her partner Fade have settled down to a more domestic life together. Tegan, always showing a talent for healing, has apprenticed with a doctor, but when the doctor dies, there are many unanswered questions about illness and health. Tegan seeks out Deuce and Fade to help her find the mysterious "Catalina" that the doctor talked about. Tegan is accompanied by Millie, a village girl ready for adventure, and meets Szarok, the leader of the Uroch, who are the more intelligent of the Freaks. The shaky peace between human and Freak is at risk, and though Szarok is a friend, he serves his kind and longs to see them treated with dignity. But one leader cannot hold off a horde.

Fans of Enclave will be thrilled to return to this fascinating, frightening world.

I've made no secret of my DEEP and abiding love for Ann Aguirre's Enclave series. It is in my top 3 all time YA series. EVER. Deuce is still one of the most bad ass bitches I have ever read. I'd put her in a pitch fight against the (novellas version of) Celaena Sardothien and actually wonder who would come out alive. No magic, just hard won skill and guts- THAT is Deuce. The world created for the post-apocalyptic monster-filled Razorland universe is so perilous, mysterious, and at times vast and at times claustrophobic that there is soooo much story left to tell. But I NEED Deuce and Fade to not have to fight anymore. They earned their hard fought peace through blood and sacrifice and death. Can I say that the death of Stalker still kills me after all this time. It really bothers me that he didn't make it to the finish.

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